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Ruto in talks with Facebook, IG, over content income

Kenyan content creators have been handed a boost after President William Ruto promised to reach out to the Meta Platforms management over the tapping of talents and payments on social media.

In his speech during the Jamhuri Day fete at Nyayo Stadium, the Head of State cheekily suggested he’d be entertaining his millions of followers on social media with content if he was not the country’s chief executive.

“I have spoken directly to Meta, a parent company of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram to monetize content for our digital entrepreneurs that will exponentially multiply their incomes and create employment opportunities for others,” President Ruto said.

“I was asking myself, if I was not a state officer, I wonder what the content of my small Facebook page with 2.3 million followers would earn for me daily.”

President Ruto stressed that content creators are ready and waiting to seize opportunities to stream high-quality content for monetization.

Kenyan content creators have taken to selling their content online in a bid to create revenue.

He said his government will closely work with tech communities to ensure that monetization from the content industry has been tapped as a means of creating employment for them.

The President also announced his government will soon roll out an annual national football competition dubbed Bottom-Up, in which young talents will be groomed and exposed.

“We will work with governors to ensure each county has a football team at the ward level. This is the best way to prepare for the 2030 World Cup,” he said.

The finals of the tournament will be played on Jamhuri Day.

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