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Muhoozi: President Ruto knew I was just ‘joking’ about capturing Nairobi

By Wangu Kanuri January 20th, 2023 2 min read

Uganda’s General Muhoozi Kainerugaba now says President William Ruto knew he was just joking when he tweeted about capturing Nairobi.

Muhoozi’s latest stance on the matter has been relayed by his newly-appointed spokesperson Andrew Mwenda.

In an interview with NBS, Mr Mwenda said Muhoozi’s remark was a joke that was taken out of context by the public.

Gen Muhoozi, Uganda President Yoweri Museveni’s only son, made the remarks on Twitter last October. Gen Muhoozi said he only needed two weeks to capture Nairobi.

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“What depresses me is how people are incapable of seeing a joke when it is a joke. Does anybody in their right mindset think that Muhoozi is planning to invade Kenya? He was joking and people took the joke and made it as if he was serious,” Mwenda said, adding that any leader who does not make a joke is stale.

Mwenda argued that it was not the joke that compelled President Museveni to apologise but the public misrepresentation of it.

“I have direct contact with President Ruto in his office. He considered it a joke but people in Kenya put him under so much pressure because they did not see the joke for what it was. They wanted make it a serious issue,” he explained.

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Still insisting that Muhoozi’s tweets were simply jokes, Mwenda said there is need to have lighthearted leaders who can make jokes.

Gen Muhoozi has since declared himself as the stand-by generator in the event his father is unable to lead.

“I’m proud to be the ‘Standby Generator’. I’m fully functional. The MK Army/Movement can never defeated. We are the children of our fathers. Uganda belongs to us!” he tweeted.