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Ruto did not pull ‘my fren’ on Anne Kiguta as Kenyans expected

Kenyans were eager to hear deputy president William Ruto pull his famous ‘my fren’ phrase during his TV interview on Tuesday night.

The deputy president is famous for the phrase during TV interviews, specially when asked hard ball questions.

On Tuesday, during his interview with Citizen TV‘s Anne Kiguta, the deputy president restricted himself to usingher first name when asked any tough question.

Here are some of the tweets that netizens sent in anticipation of the deputy president’s famous phrase.

In September 2016, during a separate interview on K24 TV, Mr Ruto mentioned the word ‘my fren’ 21 times and while pointing his trademark index finger at the interviewer.

According to communication experts, the phrase ‘my friend’ is not so friendly as it is often used by people who are actually not your friends.

The phrase is also commonly used by a person who has either forgotten your name or is too embarrassed to admit they are talking about themselves.