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Ruto promotes East African bid for 2027 Africa Cup of Nations

President William Ruto has officially launched Kenya’s bid to be part of the East African Community (EAC) to host the 2027 African Cup of Nations (AFCON).

Addressing the country from State House on Monday, the President said thousands of youths from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda will be employed if the bid is successful.

“I am happy to announce today that we have joined our brothers and sisters in Uganda and Tanzania in submitting a joint bid to the Confederation of African Football (CAF) for the opportunity to host the 2027 edition of the African competition,” said President Ruto.

The President expressed confidence that the three nations, which have never hosted the tournament despite qualifying for it, will be awarded the bid.

“I am very confident that East Africa will finally host the Africa Cup of Nations tournament for the first time in 2027. We know that we have competitors across the African continent, but I’m very confident that this, which brings together the solidarity of the EAC countries, will be a success.”

The President added that through the tournament, the government has already put in place some interventions that will see Kenya thrive in sports.

“We are focused on harnessing the full potential of each sector for our prosperity.”

He said his government recognises the talent and sports-generating industry in the country as an entire economy that needs attention.

“This sector is a vast source of opportunity to employ millions of young people, increase incomes and leverage our national brand and place Kenya in its rightful position as a global sporting superpower.”

Some of the interventions that the President said would be pursued are infrastructure development, improved monetisation of sporting talent and the restoration of Kenyan football to prominence.

The Head of State added that a long-term intervention will be to attract top international sporting and athletics events to Kenya.

“This will stimulate local sports, promote tourism, create employment and enhance our national sporting and athletic brand.”

He said that the country has previously made bids to host several international sporting events, including the recent Kip Keino Classic that was held at the Kasarani Stadium.

The Cabinet Secretary for Sports Ababu Namwamba and Principal Secretary Jonathan Mueke were present have been tasked with pushing for the bid.

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