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Ruto: Putting sufurias on your heads for 10 years won’t lower the cost of living

President William Ruto on Thursday condemned the ongoing opposition demonstrations, reiterating that civil disobedience will not lower the cost of living in the country.

Speaking in Isiolo, the President said the rising cost of living can only be lowered by people going to farms and growing crops.

In an open attack on Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Coalition leader, Raila Odinga, the president said the opposition leader should respect the decision of the voters who elected him President during last year’s General Election.

A protester hurls a tear gas cannister at police officers during anti-government protests in Kibera, Nairobi on July 20, 2023. PHOTO | EVANS HABIL

“Elections are decided through the ballot, not demonstrations. The people of Kenya have spoken, they do not want chaos. When the people of Kenya have spoken, it is like God who has spoken,” President Ruto said.

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The President yet again warned the opposition against sabotaging his government through protests.

“Even if you put sufuria on your head for 10 years, cost of food won’t come down…We have told the opposition, they should not destroy our country,” the president said.

A woman chants while holding a sufuria during anti-government protests in Nairobi’s CBD on March 20, 2023. PHOTO | WILFRED NYANGARESI

He stated, while the opposition is focused on demonstrations, he is committed to addressing challenges facing Kenyans, among them hunger and unemployment.

“My main agenda is to end the shame brought by hunger, through empowering the agricultural sector and creating jobs for youths,” the Head of State said.

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The president cited the introduction of the fertiliser subsidized programme as one of the government’s approach to bring down the cost of living.

The initiative was launched in early this year with registered farmers benefiting from affordable fertiliser.

Protesters light bonfires during anti-government protests in Kibera, Nairobi on July 20, 2023. PHOTO | EVANS HABIL

The President commended police officers for the way they have handled the protestors, saying the law enforces have prevented loss of lives and destruction of property.

President Ruto’s remarks came with several case of deaths reported from the protests in Nairobi, Makueni and Nyanza region where demonstrators have been clashing with police officers. The three-day protests by the opposition will enter its third day on Friday.

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