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WATCH: Ruto sarcastically reaches out to Uhuru for ‘handshake’

Deputy President William Ruto has sarcastically reached out to President Uhuru Kenyatta for a political deal.

Ruto stated he’s just a phone call away to assist President Kenyatta if needed and regretted the people his boss preferred to work with in the past five years have left him down.

“Sorry my Boss. I feel your pain. Those you assigned my responsibilities and ‘project’ mzee have let you down miserably. They bungled our Big 4 (agenda), killed our party and wasted your 2nd term. Wao ni bure kabisa (They have no value). Boss, (I) am available. Sadly (our) last cabinet (meeting) was years ago,” said Ruto.

The DP’s statement, which he posted on his Twitter account, came hours after President Kenyatta clamed he’d abandoned him in favour of politicking.

“Instead of helping me end the situation you are all over in the market places inciting people to ask me about the situation (high standards of living),” said President Kenyatta during his address to the nation on Labour day.

“Why didn’t you then resign and leave me to search for a person who could help me?”

“The problem of Kenya is leaders who know how to identify problems but cannot provide solutions. You will see him lamenting about the price of maize, cooking oil in press conferences to the extent you would think I (Uhuru) am in Ukraine,” Uhuru said pointing a finger at Ruto.

President Kenyatta and his Deputy have not been seeing each other eye to eye since the latter openly declared he preferred opposition leader Raila Odinga to succeed him as Head of State.

Cracks started appearing in the duo’s relationship when President Kenyatta reached out to Odinga for a political deal in 2018.

The situation has appeared in recent weeks, with Ruto publicly criticizing his boss and Uhuru snubbing Ruto’s handshake twice in the past week.