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Ruto now questions ‘sexual orientation’ of men opposed to Gender Bill

By WAIKWA MAINA November 27th, 2018 1 min read

Deputy President William Ruto has labelled as ‘homosexuals’ men who are opposed to the two thirds Gender Rule Bill which is currently being debated in Parliament.

While on a tour of Nyandarua County on Monday, Mr Ruto differed with a section of politicians from the Mount Kenya region opposed to the Bill.


During a fundraiser in aid of school desks in Ol Kalou constituency, a section of lawmakers, led by Ndaragwa’s Jeremiah Kioni, said they are opposed to any constitutional change to create more positions for any leaders.

But in a quick rebuttal, the DP said any man opposed to the implementation of the three gender rule must be out of his mind.


“If you have a mother, a girlfriend, a wife and a daughter, why oppose the three gender rule? This is a government policy. No sane man comes out openly opposing or fighting women. Why do men want to compete with women? Those opposed to the law must be homosexuals,” said the DP.

But Kipipiri MP Amos Kimunya said he opposed to any constitutional reforms but appealed to other MPs to support the one third gender rule.

Meanwhile, the DP came with a basket full of goodies for residents of Nyandarua, including 35 milk cooling plants, Sh9 billion for roads development, and potato cooling plants.