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Ruto issues shoot to kill order at peace meeting

By FLORAH KOECH February 24th, 2017 1 min read

Deputy President William Ruto has issued a shoot to kill order on armed bandits wreaking havoc in the North Rift region.

Speaking in Sibilo in Baringo North at a peace rally where the National Police Reservists was launched in the volatile areas, Mr Ruto said the armed bandits should not be shown any mercy anymore.

“Armed criminals who can dare kill a two-day old baby can do anything and should not be spared but face the same consequences. I am issuing an order to police officers and police reservists to shoot any bandit they come across,” said Mr Ruto.

He lamented that it was sad to see young children and mothers sleeping in the cold due to the incessant banditry attacks and cattle rustling in the region.


“I have ordered police officers to shoot anyone stealing livestock whether in possession of a firearm or not and also anyone found with an illegal firearm will be shot on sight. We will no longer lose more people because of some few elements who do not want to reform,” said Mr Ruto.

The order comes after more than nine people were killed by bandits in Baringo County and more than 3,000 others displaced over the last one week.

Even as the DP’s meeting was going on in Sibilo, five kilometers away a chief was shot dead at Chekokel village.

Ng’orora location chief, Thomas Chebor, was gunned down by armed bandits when he was on his way to Chekokel to recover stolen livestock.

In Bartabwa in the same county, the DP’s meeting was temporarily disrupted after gunshots were heard some distance from where the DP was.

There was tension and some locals scampered for safety but the meeting continued after the gunshots stopped.