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Ruto: Uhuru’s Huduma Namba initiative was a massive fraud

President William Ruto has accused the previous regime of perpetrating a massive fraud through the Huduma Namba initiative. Speaking at the launch of digitized government services, President Ruto labeled the project a complete sham that cost Kenyans approximately Sh15 billion and caused significant distress to the nation.

He pledged to implement a new digital identification system within the next 90 days, ensuring that such a project can be executed without extravagant expenses and deceitful practices.

“In the next 90 days, we must have a Digital ID. That digital ID has been traumatic for Kenya. We are all aware that there was another phantom project called Huduma Namba that was a complete fraud. We lost almost 15 billion shillings and got very little out of it,” he said.

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During his address, President Ruto emphasized the need to rectify the previous administration’s missteps and provide Kenyans with a reliable and efficient Digital ID.

“We must demonstrate in the next 90 days that it is possible for us to have a Digital ID without spending 15 billion and without defrauding the people of Kenya. Those who did that should be ashamed of themselves,” he said.

To replace the failed Huduma Namba, Julius Bitok, the Principal Secretary of the State Department of Immigration and Citizen Service, announced the introduction of a Unique Personal Identifier.

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This new system will be incorporated into the e-citizen portal, enabling individuals to use a single identification number from birth until death. Bitok stressed the importance of promptly reporting births and deaths, as accurate data is crucial for effective population planning.

Highlighting the repercussions of incomplete registration, Bitok noted that only 55 per cent of Kenyans currently register births, resulting in a backlog of court cases related to succession matters.

He underlined the significance of registering both births and deaths, pointing out that birth certificates are now essential for children to attend school, while land cannot be subdivided without the necessary documentation for deceased owners.

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