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Ruto warns Turkana leaders on misuse of public funds

By Sammy Waweru October 13th, 2023 2 min read

President William Ruto has issued a warning to Turkana County leaders regarding the misuse of resources designated for enhancing education and the construction and expansion of learning institutions in the region.

In a light-hearted manner, the Head of State stated that those found responsible would face the consequences, emphasizing his willingness to take action with an axe.

Dr Ruto emphasized that his government cannot commit to building and developing schools in Turkana if greedy leaders misappropriate government funding.

He delivered this stern warning in connection with his commitment to improve the status of Bishop Mahon Teacher Training College (TTC), in Turkana County.

“Kwa mambo yenu ya elimu, hiyo shule yenu ya kufunza walimu nitawapa Sh20 milioni ya kwanza nione vile itafika…Mkitumia vizuri nitapanga tena, mkiharibu nitakuja na shoka nikate mtu, (In your education matters, I will initially provide your teacher training college with Sh20 million to assess how it is utilized. If it is used wisely, I will consider further allocations. However, if there is mismanagement, I will take decisive action with an axe),” the President stated, amidst laughter.

He insisted that he could not allow anyone to misuse government funding for development projects.

“Kwani mnafikiri mnaweza kutumia pesa za serikali vibaya halafu nikae tu hivi hivi, nitakuja na nyundo kubwa sana… (Do you think you can misuse government funds and expect me to remain idle? I will take substantial action),” he explained.

He made these remarks in Lodwar, where he joined the residents in celebrating the Turkana Cultural Festival, locally known as ‘Tobong’u Lore.’

This festival serves as a platform for fostering unity among community members from neighboring South Sudan, Uganda, and Ethiopia, and acts as a means of conflict prevention through positive interactions.

Turkana has a university, and he promised to grant it a charter to enable it to receive state funding.

The statement on whipping corrupt officials comes a few months after President Ruto made another controversial remark about sugar cartels, warning them of decisive measures.

The phrase “Mambo ni matatu” – either they leave Kenya, go to jail, or go to heaven – is now copyrighted, with the President being the trademark holder.

Any intention to use it requires consent from Dr Ruto.​

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