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Ruto pilot caught on tape assaulting Kenyan policewoman

A clip showing the disgusting moment a pilot assaulted a female Kenyan police officer has surfaced online.

Kenyans were infuriated that the well built man unprovoked shoved and used the F-word on the female officer even as she walked away to de-escalate the tension.

Already, Kenyans on Twitter have started a hashtag #DeportRutosPilot.


It is thought that the pilot of 5Y-DSN had approached the police officer asking her to control the crowd that was surging towards the helicopter.

It appears as if she declined, and he responded by trying to grab the cane from her.

She declines again and walks away but the man follows her, and shouts: “Then you’ll have to explain to the DP.”

It is assumed that the DP is Deputy President William Ruto.

The event allegedly happened in Nyandarua where the DP was visiting.


At one moment, the man charges at the female officer, forcing standers-by to raise their voices in a bid to scare him off.

“Hautampiga,” one man is heard saying saying in the clip.

But the determined pilot then shoves the officer, shouting: “Then do your f****** job.” He then retreats to his chopper as the clip concludes.

Kenyans took to Twitter to express mixed reactions at the pilot’s aggression .