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Ruto’s communication team’s apology to Hustler Nation bloggers

By Freya Wanjiku September 15th, 2022 2 min read

President William Ruto’s communication team has shared an apology with its bloggers who were locked out of a luncheon at State House, Nairobi, after Tuesday’s inauguration.

The apology was shared on social media by Dennis Itumbi, one of the President’s aides.

“I’m sincerely sorry, dear Hustler Nation team. You are right, you no longer need to fight to access the benefits and privileges of the setting you literally sacrificed for. It is also true, we significantly failed on that front,” wrote Itumbi on his Facebook page.

“We will falter and stumble sometimes, that is life. But we will rise and correct our steps.”

The apology comes amid complaints from bloggers on social media.

The bloggers say they were locked out of the house on the hill despite being asked to send their details for reservations.

One blogger namely Njeri Kinuthia who was key in welcoming President Ruto when he recently toured the USA for campaigns, said she was denied access despite traveling from States for the function.

She also suggested their positions had been offered to busybodies.

“They all come up with stories about (outgoing Interior Principal Secretary) Kibicho and crew sabotaging the luncheon. Then they show up with their whole clan and domesticated animals. At least learn how to lie if you must!” She said.

Some of the guests at President Ruto’s inauguration included Harun Aydin the controversial Turkish tycoon who was arrested, briefly detained and deported by former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s regime.

Also in attendance were comedians Jaymo Ule Msee and Chipukezey, among others.

President Ruto used dozens of bloggers to pass his message to the youth online during the campaign period.

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