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Ruto’s Weston Hotel case withdrawn

A man who had sued Deputy President William Ruto to compel him to divulge information of how he acquired the land, on which Weston Hotel stands, has withdrawn the case.

Mr Martin Murithi Njeru, a 31-year old Embu land broker said he was convinced by a former Embu MP to withdraw the matter.

He wrote to the deputy registrar, Environment and Land Court Milimani on July 22, seeking the court to withdraw the petition numbered 613 of 2015.

“This is to notify you of my intention to withdraw the matter herein. I request the same be marked as withdrawn henceforth,” read the letter.

He, however, did not divulge the reason for the sudden move.

The case was slated for October 6 while the DP had been urged to respond.

“I was being persuaded by former MP (Emilio Kathuri) who urged me to withdraw the case for unity and good relations between Embu and the Executive. The opposition leaders also kept quiet and didn’t say anything,” said Mr Njeru.

He said he had not met the DP and acknowledged that he hadn’t named achieved his initial intention of access to the information behind the acquisition of the hotel.

But speaking to the Daily Nation, Mr Njeru said he was disappointed after members of the opposition parties and civil societies that had earlier alleged that there was foul play in the ownership of the land had not joined him.


“I wanted to give Mr Ruto enough time to clear his name. He didn’t. I assumed that he is clean since the opposition members didn’t respond. Those who were making the allegations didn’t come forward, they were just empty debe,” he said.

The father of one had sought that Mr Ruto declared unfit to hold public office over his connection to the ownership of Weston Hotel.

He wanted the DP to disclose how he acquired the land on which the hotel is built, and wants the plot’s title deed cancelled and the plot to revert to the government.

In an affidavit sworn before A M Kahuthu advocates, the petitioner had alleged that Mr Ruto has publicly admitted that he owns the hotel which he alleges is built on public land and thus should surrender it.

In his plaint, Mr Murithi had said he was filing the case on his own behalf and on behalf of the Kenyan citizens who could fall prey to purchasing property with irregular documentation and to ensure everyone respects the rule of law.

“It is in the public domain that the respondent took possession of the public land illegally amid protests from the Kenya Civil Aviation’s Authority. The petitioner and all the citizens of Kenya have continuously been affected by the acts of the respondent who is their leader,” averred Mr Murithi.

He cited parts of the constitution that address issues of leadership and integrity Act, public officers ethics Act, right to access information by public, protection of public land and ethics and integrity of the respondent.

Mr Murithi had argued that Mr Ruto is likely to use his influence as Deputy President to further alienate or waste the parcel of land.

“The respondent has ignored the public outcry concerning his illegal acts in blatant violation of the constitution,” alleges Mr Murithi.