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RVR quiet on illegal structures alongside railway lines

As illegal structures continue to mushroom on railway land, Rift Valley Railways has absolved itself of blame.

“We are tenants and if there are unlicensed occupants, it is up to the Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC) to act,” said Cosma Gatere,  the Communication Officer at RVR.

He was, however, not forthright on why RVR has accepted to operate in an environment that poses risk not only to the public but to its investments as well.

Temporary structures on the railway line make visibility a problem for both car and train drivers at the Mutindwa level crossing.

We raised the concern with Mr Gatere requesting to interview the train driver on whether the outcome could have been different had regulations been followed from erection of road signs to visibility.

Gatere declined to grant a greenlight to talk to the crew of the train KAOL LOCO NO 9312 that rammed the minibus at Mutindwa.

“There is nothing they can tell you. These are challenges we face every day and talking to the three would not be fruitful. The people you need to seek audience with are from KRC,” Mr Gatere added.