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SA Minister risks stirring diplomatic storm after using DP Ruto as meme

South African Sports minister Mbalula Filike is back to his ways of disparaging Kenyans, this time using a picture of deputy President William Ruto as a meme.

The controversial minister had years back orchestrated a #SomeoneTellSouthAfricans trend after negative comments about Kenyan sportsmen.

Back then, he had said that South Africa would not field both black and white sportsmen just for the sake of denouncing racism then have athletes drowning in the pool like Kenyans.

The comments were made at a press conference and sparked outrage among Kenyans on Twitter whose demand for the minister to apologise bore no fruit.

Mr Fikile’s meme on on Wednesday featuring Kenya’s deputy president resurrected the tweef between Kenyans and South Africans.

The minister, who seemed to enjoy the backlash, retweeted a statement that he was trending in Kenya.

The tweet elicited a backlash from Kenyans on Twitter who asked him if he was aware he was using a deputy president in a meme.