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Sad! Journalist Ciku Muiruri announces daughter’s abduction

Media personality Ciku Muiruri has revealed a distressing incident of her daughter’s abduction along with a friend through her Facebook page.

The former Classic FM radio presenter turned to social media to rally support and seek prayers from her followers during what she described as trying times.

In her heartfelt message, Ciku Muiruri requested her Facebook fans to keep her daughter and her friend in their prayers.

The former Queen of Radio explained that her daughter and friend were abducted by a taxi driver.

Overwhelmed by the circumstances, she expressed her determination to exhaust every resource available to ensure their safe return.

Recognizing the immense power of prayer, Ciku Muiruri urged her followers to pray fervently for her daughter, Erica Njeri, and her friend, Shanice Agose.

“In the early hours of Sunday morning (2am), my daughter and a friend of hers were abducted by a taxi driver.

I’m going to do everything in my power to get her home safely but I know that we cannot even tie our shoes without God’s Grace.

I have no control over what they are doing to her, where she is or if I will ever see her alive again. Only God can help her,” she wrote.

She emphasized the importance of including the abductors in their prayers, hoping that their souls may find guidance and redemption.

The media personality invoked the spiritual strength of Our Lady of the Rosary, stating that through fasting and prayer, miraculous intervention can occur, even defying the laws of nature.

Ciku Muiruri made a solemn pledge to abstain from eating until her daughter is safely reunited with her family.

Amidst her anguish, Ciku Muiruri expressed unwavering faith in the power of collective prayer and the divine protection of her daughter.

She pleaded with the Lord to shield her child from harm, placing her trust in Jesus during this harrowing ordeal.

“And I have faith that with all your prayers, she will be returned to me safe and sound. Jesus, I Trust in You. Please Lord, don’t let them harm my baby.”

Ciku’s fans have since been sending messages of support, prayers, and well-wishes to her.

The media personality did not confirm whether he had reported the matter to the Police.

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