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Safaricom gifts ‘Githeri man’ goodies worth Sh220,000

Kenya’s newest celebrity Martin Kamotho aka “Githeri man” is now a proud owner of a Samsung S8 phone valued at Sh90,000.

This gift was awarded to him by Kenya’s biggest telecommunications firm Safaricom.

In addition, his wife was also gifted a similar phone, whilst another Tecno Canon gadget, valued at Sh50,000 was gifted to his son by the same firm.

Kamotho, 41, has hogged the limelights and attracted public attention for the past few days, ever since he was pictured feasting on a meal of “githeri” stashed in a plastic bag while patiently queuing to cast his vote during the August 8 General elections.

In an interview on national TV Thursday, Kamotho, a casual labourer, explained he bought the meal to fight off pangs of hunger.

He also revealed that he didn’t know his images (most of them photoshopped) were trending on social media up because he didn’t own a phone.