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Safaricom hosts Iftar Muslim journalists, donates to orphanage

Safaricom Chief Executive Peter Ndegwa has called on Kenyans to lend a helping hand to those who are affected by hunger, saying despite the ongoing rainy season, it will take time for families to get harvest and have food.

Ndegwa who is the chairman of the National Steering Committee on Drought Response said there are six million Kenyans facing drought and are in dire need of food aid.

The affected include 970,000 children below the age of five and 142,000 pregnant and lactating mothers who require urgent treatment for malnutrition.

The committee was set up by President William Ruto in November 2022 to mobilise resources to alleviate the effects of the drought that affected more than 20 counties.

“Many Kenyans are still facing hunger and Kenyans should continue supporting those in need. The rainy season is back but it will take time before we get the harvest and alleviate hunger. Therefore, corporates, private partners and individual Kenyans should continue with the good art of giving to help the needy and those experiencing hunger as they have always done,” said Ndegwa

He made the remarks when Safaricom hosted Muslim Media Practitioners for an Iftar at Sarova Stanley hotel, Nairobi on Saturday. The Iftar provided a platform for Muslim Journalists to interact and ponder on new humanitarian projects to embark on in the future.

As a sign of goodwill during this Holy Month of Ramadhan, Safaricom presented a Sh200,000 dummy cheque which will go towards catering for the needs of the Jicho la Huruma Orphanage in Likoni Sub County, Mombasa.

The Orphanage is one of the projects which is being supported by the Muslim Media Practitioners in their kind act of giving back to society and issuing a helping hand to those from poor families.

“We thank Safaricom for this good gesture which will help those in the orphanage get food and school fees. Safaricom has been engaging in various initiatives that help the disadvantaged in society. We are grateful and moved by the support we have received towards helping those in the orphanage,”said Citizen TV Journalist Mwanaisha Hamadi who were among those who attended the event.

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