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Sahau 2027! Gachagua turns on governors in fight against illicit brew

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has accused select governors of not fully supporting his move to fully eradicate alcoholism in Kenya.

The DP spoke on August 21, 2023, at the launch of the “Boda Ofisi Yangu” program for Nyandarua County at Kenya Methodist University.

He stressed the urgency of addressing the issue of illicit brewing while cautioning the county bosses who are handling the matter in a casual manner.

“I will begin directly calling out the names of certain uncooperative governors. Any governor who has not actively participated in the fight against alcoholism will not receive our support in the 2027 elections. I cannot, in good conscience, stand up in 2027 to campaign for you if you haven’t been actively combating illegal breweries,” warned the DP.

The second in command further warned those engaging in the sell of illicit brew of dire consequences.

He said the youth engaging in excessive alcohol consumption is ‘dangerous to the economy’.

“The impact of alcoholism-related deaths is not good for the country. Our aspirations in agriculture and economic development hinge on their well-being. Thus, governors who do not align with us in the fight against drugs and alcoholism should not anticipate our support.”

Gachagua also raised an alarm regarding the potential resurgence of an outlawed gang that had previously wreaked havoc in the region.

He emphasized the urgency for vigilance among the youth to thwart any potential collaboration between the criminal faction and specific political entities.

“We are faced with an unlawful gang that has disrupted our community in the past. Recent indications suggest their attempt at a comeback, with their leader seeking collaboration with a particular political group. This alliance raises concerns, particularly the possibility of exploiting boda boda riders during protests. I strongly advise our youth to distance themselves from these elements.”

Former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga has in the recent past been arrested and charged with unlawful assembly, among others.

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