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Saitoti widow sued for ‘blocking’ Lavington road and ‘fencing’ plot

The widow of late Cabinet minister George Saitoti has been sued for allegedly blocking an access road in Lavington and fencing off an adjacent plot belonging to Kenya Power.

Civil society groups called Uzalendo and Ukweli Usemwe claim that the Lavington residents affected by the closure of the road that links Mzima Springs road to Olenguruone Avenue are threatening to mobilise residents to bring down the fence.

The group claims that Margaret Saitoti is in the process of acquiring a new land reference number for the plot, arguing that Kenya Power is about to lose the property if the family is not restrained by the court.

They accuse Kenya Power of failing to reclaim its property.

“That this honourable court issue interim orders against the respondents restraining them from trespassing, unlawful occupation, selling, transferring, fencing, or any irregularities and/or illegalities inter alia of block LR****/675,” reads one of the orders sought.

Among those listed as respondents are managing director of Kenya power, Land Cabinet Secretary, National Land Commission, Nairobi City County and Mrs Saitoti.


The petitioners also seek court orders directing her to open up the alleged link road.

The petitioners in affidavit sworn by Gitonga Kihanya claim that blocking the road infringed on the right to freedom of movement.

The Lavington Resident Association in a letter to the County commander of police has notified the office of their intention to hold a peaceful protest on Thursday, January 31 to protest blocking of the link road.

“A certain resident who is the wife [sic] of a former powerful politician has blocked the access road linking Mzima springs road to Olengurone Avenue, thus greatly inconveniencing the citizens and violating their rights,” reads the letter attached to court document.

They claim the Kenya Power plot is adjacent to a plot owned by Mrs Saitoti. It’s alleged that she has fenced off her plot together with the Kenya Power plot and the link road.

They claim Mrs Saitoti is in the process of obtaining a single land reference number for the two plots.

This story was first published on Business Daily newspaper.