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Sakaja: I have no apologies for standing with Jacque Maribe

Nairobi senator Johnson Sakaja has told off those questioning why he showed up in court on Wednesday during Citizen TV’s Jacque Maribe’s bail application hearing.

Sakaja has responded to his critics says he has no apologies to make for  standing with his long-time friend.

This after Sakaja was put to task by the Nairobi electorate on why he was in court while he was supposed to be debating county matters in the Senate.

The senator responded by saying that he did not abscond duty and that he attended the afternoon senate proceedings.

He also set the records clear why he is standing in solidity with Maribe, explaining that they’ve been friends since their high school days.

But still on social media, Kenyans kept questing his appearance in court.


Crispin Okumu tweeted to Sakaja, “I wish Nairobi Senator @SakajaJohnson would show the same energy and Passion Supporting Jacque Maribe In her Murder Trial in Serving the Electorate.”

Sakaja replied, “Tune into the senate proceedings right now.”

Another user retorted, “Relax mheshimiwa, 2022 is just around the corner. The electorate has more pressing issues & Jacque Maribe is not one of them!”

One Masai Phyllis came to Sakaja’s defense writing, “I believe the senator went in his individual capacity… That does not stop him from serving Nairobians diligently. Besides, he is already doing a great job than most of the MPs.”

To that Sakaja responded, “Jackie Maribe has been my friend since high school. I have no apologies to make for standing with her. Before I’m a senator, I am a human being who has friends. If you are my friend, I will stand with you no matter which position you or I hold.”