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Sakaja comes to the defence of the content creators arrested in the CBD

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has assured content creators that the city’s inspectorate will not harass them over the weekend as they film for a living.

This comes after police arrested three content creators over the weekend for unauthorised photography.

According to activist Boniface Mwangi, the three, including Duncan Mukinde, Karanja Wangui, and Phaustine Okello, were detained at the Central Police Station for incitement.

“The above three creatives were arrested in CBD for “unauthorised photography,” and when they informed the police, Sakaja said it’s allowed, the police added another charge, “incitement”. They are currently being held at Central Police Station,” Boniface wrote on his Twitter account.

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In response, the governor reiterated that freelance photographers and filmmakers working in the city are exempt from paying for their business permits.

“I have asked for their release. Photographers and filmmakers should be able to film without being harassed. The county officials understand. We’re working with the police to get them on the same page,” responded Governor Sakaja.

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In his commendation, Embakasi East MP Babu Owino said the three should be allowed to earn a living and the police must stop unlawful arrests.

In September last year, the governor announced the abolition of licences and fees for photographers and filmmakers in Nairobi, allowing the public to film for free in the city.

Initially, photographers were prohibited from taking pictures or creating content in the city without a permit.

In his announcement, the governor said he was opening doors for the creative economy to make a living without harassment from the authorities.

“Some of these rules are colonial, what can a photo really do if it is shared? We have waived all business permits for freelance photographers and filmmakers in Nairobi. We have also abolished all daily fees charged to them while shooting in Nairobi,” Governor Sakaja announced.

Since the governor’s announcement, freelance photographers and content creators have been busy making a living on weekends.

Most of the people who have benefited and embraced Sakaja’s directive are the youth, who are now creating content for their followers on social media platforms.

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