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Sakaja condemns police for manhandling Sonko during Nairobi governor’s arrest

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja has condemned the police for the way they handled Governor Mike Sonko during his arrest in Voi last week.

Mr Sakaja says there was a better way of handling a governor who has been elected by the people, terming as unnecessary, the pushing around and physical elements that characterised Sonko’s arrest.

“I think there would have been a better way of handling a governor who is elected by the people, in this case. Even after he had been arrested we saw him being pushed around a lot of the physical elements of it I do not think were necessary of right. Unless it is people trying to release different pressures,” said Mr Sakaja.

Governor Sonko is facing charges of corruption over the loss of more than Sh357 million from the county government’s coffers.

The governor is in remand awaiting the ruling of his bail application after being arraigned at the Milimani Law Courts on Monday.

Sakaja sentiments has aroused mixed reactions from Kenyans online.

“I think citizens should be treated the same whether elected, selected or not. Suppose it was a common mwananchi who resisted arrest the same way sonko did, we would have been talking about burial preparations or ICU stories by now. Mheshimiwa, hata sisi pia tunatumia damu,” said @Wasonga_Geofrey.

“Pleeeeeease Mr Senator,you don’t visit Police stations often enough to see how we’re thrown and manhandled like broken pots,” wrote @charleskaris.


“Disgraceful comments Sakaja. You’re a Senator for Nairobi where there is massive Corruption & terrible service delivery, yet you’re simply defending handling of Sonko. What oversight have you provided or rot exposed in your County?” asked @Mital_KE.

“Individuals under whom staggering and Astonishing amounts have vanished should be handled in ways equal to the moneys lost,” commented @Handshake_dm.

“Well, as much as I do agree with you,,,I think he was manhandled fairly.. coz a common mwanainchi gets it rough and no one thinks otherwise,” stated @mamabrenda.

“Just as the elected Governor was considerate of his constituents when he was stealing their resources. Smh! Respect goes both ways. I don’t know why Kenyan politicians believe they should be accorded a special level of respect,” said @KhasimwaMmaitsi.