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Sakaja denies unleashing goons on UDA Minority Whip

The office of Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has distanced itself from claims by Umoja One Member of County Assembly (MCA) Mark Mugambi that goons allied to the governor attacked him.

On Thursday morning, the MCA, who doubles as United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Minority Whip in the County Assembly, alleged that he was roughed up by some youths on his way to City Hall.

In a brief response to the allegations, the office of the governor said the governor has been advocating for politics without violence which was witnessed during the election.

Both the MCA and the governor were elected on UDA party tickets but a few months after the governor took office, cracks have emerged between him and a section of UDA-allied MCAs.

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Mr Mugambi said the attack came hours after he received threats from the people who he claimed to be close allies to the governor, asking him to stop troubling the governor.

“It is unfortunate that this morning while I was entering the office, these two boys, who I know very well, in the company of others attacked me. One of them hit me and the other one grabbed my t-shirt. I lost my watch in that commotion,” Mr Mugami said.

He said the attack and threats are related to the MCAs’ recent oversight role and call to the governor to stop boardroom meetings and start working for Nairobi residents.

“I want to urge the governor to let us do our oversight mandate without any intimidation. If he does not want to work with the UDA leadership, let him give us space to do our oversight mandate which is our core business in this house,” Mugami said.

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The MCA said no amount of threats and intimidations will stop him and the other UDA MCAs from playing their watchdog role.

“If he decided to go to bed with Azimio, we, the minority, will put him to the task to ensure that he delivers to the people of Nairobi,” he said.

The MCA said he has reported to the incident to Central Police OCPD through a phone call since he could not leave his office to go to the police station in person.

“I will check if the environment is conducive for me to step out, and I will do that without any hesitation.”

Sharp divisions among UDA party MCAs in Nairobi come at a time the governor has alleged that those criticizing him have their own interests.

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