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Sakaja: I don’t care who becomes Sonko’s deputy

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja has, in a new twist to the ongoing Nairobi county debate, stated that he does not care if Miguna Miguna becomes governor Mike Sonko’s deputy.

Sakaja, whose famous tweet that Miguna would not be deputy governor went viral last week, said he now cares less who takes the position and only wants a functional county government.

In an interview on Citizen TV, Sakaja said Sonko needed not consult anyone before making his choice as he was elected by Nairobians.

“If Sonko genuinely feels that Miguna Miguna is the kind of person who will help him fight cartels or number two he feels like their characters are complimentary and they can work well together and that Miguna is a team player and that Miguna will be able to respect him and that Miguna believes in his leadership then all the best. Let him come to the county assembly, let him be passed, go through the appropriate channels through the political party to be your deputy because all the executive power for now is with Sonko for the next five years,” said Sakaja.


The senator claimed that Sonko’s nomination of Miguna was not sincere as the two should have spoke about it beforehand.

“If he (Sonko) insists on it, for instance, as the senator I don’t need to be consulted, he didn’t consult me and he does not need to its all about Nairobi people. Its about him so if he feels that’s the person to help him then its his choice to make it’s the choice of the Nairobi county assembly members to make their choice. I don’t care who is the deputy governor… so long as we get services delivered. Lets forget about these personality cards in Nairobi,” added Sakaja.

Sakaja concluded the interview by urging Nairobians to allow Sonko time to deliver adding that no one should pass “unfair premature judgment on him.”