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Sakaja offers free treatment for Embakasi gas explosion victims

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has waived all medical fees at the County facilities attending to the injured and bereaved following a gas explosion that was reported in Embakasi’s Mradi area on February 1, 2023.

The county boss, in a statement,  further consoled the victims of the tragic incident which has led to the death of two people, according to official government statistics.

“The County Government has also waived all medical fees at the County facilities attending to the injured and bereaved. We have mobilised relief items in conjunction with other agencies to ensure the comfort of all those affected,” Sakaja said.

The governor added that all the county Emergency Response Teams are on-site and on high alert to provide the necessary support.

“Currently, all County Health and Medical teams are also managing the situation and also working hand in hand with the County Disaster and Risk management teams who continue to provide the necessary support to the victims of the fire incident.”

The county is also expected to give more updates later regarding the situation, including the operation of the address the safety of the residents, and why the illegal facility was allowed to continue with its operation.

According to updates from the Government Spokesperson Dr Isaac Mwaura, a total of 222 people were injured by the fire, and have been rushed to various hospitals in the capital for treatment.

Twenty-one victims were taken to Kenyatta National Hospital, 160 to Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital, 19 to Mbagathi Hospital, 14 to Modern Komarock Hospital, and eight are being treated at Nairobi West Hospital.

Also, the government reported that the scene has been secured, and a command center is now in place to help coordinate rescue operations and other intervention efforts.

Dr Mwaura asked Kenyans to keep off the cordoned area to allow the rescue mission to be carried out with minimal disruptions.

The government said that the incident started when a lorry with an unknown registration number plate that was loaded with gas exploded, igniting a huge ball of fire that spread widely.

“A flying gas cylinder hit Oriental Godown, burning down the said godown which deals with garments & textiles. Consequently, the inferno further damaged several vehicles and commercial properties, including many small and medium-sized businesses. Sadly, residential houses in the neighborhood also caught fire, with a good number of residents still inside as it was late at night,” Dr Mwaura said.

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