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Sakaja: Political talks won’t lower cost of living

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has reiterated the need for a sound solution to ending the anti-government protests being led by the opposition.

Sakaja now says engaging Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Coalition in talks in the name of lowering the cost of living in the country won’t be a solution to the issue.

“Talking won’t solve the cost of living. There are many interventions that have been done by a six-month government,” Sakaja said.

In an interview with BBC Africa after the third day of Azimio supporters, the governor asked the opposition to be patient and allow the government to put in place more interventions that will lower the cost of living.

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Sakaja noted that President William Ruto’s government is currently dealing with several humanitarian crises that need full attention, including the worst drought to have been reported in the country for the last 40 years.

Governor Sakaja said the dispute over the presidential election outcome by Azimio leader Mr Raila Odinga should not be a reason for loss of lives, damage of property and the tension that is currently being witnessed in the country.

“I have members in my county from both sides of the political divide but we have decided to work together. That is not an excuse to cause any violence, that is not an excuse to cause the loss of life because that will then push the cost of living higher,” Sakaja said.

The Governor has however expressed confidence that eventually there will be a solution to the current political deadlock, noting that Kenya has overcome similar scenarios in the past.

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He reiterated the need for negotiation with the opposition, which should not necessarily be about handshake or power-sharing but about the way forward to allow all Kenyans to go on with their daily lives.

“I’m for discussions, not negotiations because we are not at war… there is nothing contested. An election was done and there is a legitimate elected President, the government has been set,” he said.

The governor said Nairobi county is safe and peaceful despite being the centre of the Azimio demonstrations, which have paralysed businesses in Nairobi CBD for three days since last week.

“Nairobi is the place to be. We are open for businesses, Nairobi is the centre of the world,” he said.

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