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Sakaja protests threats to people who miss out on Huduma Namba – VIDEO

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja on Thursday ranted at the government for what he termed as a strategy of constant threats to frustrated Kenyans.

Sakaja said Kenyans are reasonable and sensible enough and ought to be involved in government decisions instead of being forced to comply with directives.

He made the comments in Senate during a discussion the interdiction of teachers for alleged opposition of the Competency-Based Curriculum.

Sakaja said threats are not the solution to opposition to government projects, explaining how Kenyans only wanted to be involved in policy making.

“Why is the government acting as if it is at war with its people? Are we fighting Kenyans? What is going on? Today you are telling Kenyans housing levy you must pay, or else…tomorrow you must not bring vehicles five years and under, hundreds of young people are employed in these dealer shops, tomorrow take this number or else…why are you threatening Kenyans?” Sakaja questioned.

The Senator threw a jibe at cabinet secretaries whom he said were trying to be popular

“You ask a question, you are arrested. There is something fundamentally wrong and I think certain ministers think for you to be popular you must be tough. You are not dealing with children in this country, Kenyans are sensible, when they were told let’s ban paper bags because of this, in a day we stopped, so don’t threaten Kenyans just reason with Kenyans,” Sakaja stated.