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Sakaja reconnects with city motorist who gave him way

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja reconnected online with a motorist who gave him way on Ngong Road, sparking a discussion on the senator’s humility (or lack of it).

Josphat Mutinda tweeted of his encounter with the senator on Ngong Road, narrating how he gave him way and Sakaja waved greetings and appreciation at him.

Sakaja was driving himself in the intersection of Ngong Road and Jamhuri Show Ground Road.

Mutinda said he was impressed by Sakaja’s humility.

Mutinda wrote; “If all leaders could be like Sakaja, Driving himself around nrb with no Security and saying to wananchi.”

Sakaja went on to thank Mutinda online writing; “Thanks for giving me way ? ?.”

But Kenyans on Twitter had other thoughts.

Some claimed that the only reason the senator greeted Mutinda was because he gave him way.

Others dismissed Sakaja as a politician who is always keen to appear nice to the electorates.

Justus Omondi commented; “Anatafuta kura… Usidanganywe.”

Eric Nyambura questioned; “But he clapped when @UKenyatta called the youth THIEVES.”

Bernadette Kagechu replied; “Alikua amelenga hio clap alafu camera ikamumulika ikabidi…??kidogo aseme cheza chini?isokee.”

Mutinda in the end questioned why he was being lynched for saying Sakaja is humble.

The senator wrote; “Achana nao. Some people will never see any good in others and will only focus on what they deem negative. You’ll learn to ignore them. They never get to me; not one bit.”