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Sakaja sets relocation of city hawkers in motion – PHOTOS

Hawkers in Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD) will soon be relocated to their new areas of operation.

This is after Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja’s team commenced the creation of working spaces for hawkers within the city.

When Governor Sakaja assumed office late last year, he assured residents of Nairobi that he would transform the city into a clean city, orderly one.

Hawkers display their wares outside Savanis Bookshop on the corner of Lagos and Latema Road on February 25, 2023. PHOTO | FRANCIS NDERITU

As a fulfilment of his promise, the county government has initiated the process of relocating informal traders to the back lanes.

The move is also part of efforts by the county government to restore security within the CBD.

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The exercise of marking the areas was presided over by the Markets Director Ms Joyce Kyengo, where a multi-sectoral committee team to toured Turkana lane near the bus station.

Speaking during the exercise, Ms Kyengo said the governor has approved businesses which have been set up in the back lanes.

A street lane in between Nation Center and Victor House along Kimathi Street marked off as a hawker selling area on February 25, 2023. PHOTO | FRANCIS NDERITU

“Governor Sakaja wants small-time traders to flourish under his leadership, but he also wants order in the city. It is also to ensure they trade in a dignified manner,” Ms Kyengo said.

She added that the then prototype lanes will have sheds erected, and electricity installed to improve the working conditions of the traders.

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Other areas that have been earmarked for paint works include Sotik, Turkana, Dubois, Posta and Kirinyaga.

This is the second initiative by the governor to address the issue of hawkers within the CBD.

Last year, the governor banned hawkers and street families from occupying and conducting business on footbridges within the city.

“To make sure that there is security there were street families that were staying there and we have cleared them, we have cleaned the bridge, the fire department has come with its pipes and nobody will be allowed to conduct business to live on our bridges and fly-overs,” Sakaja said.

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