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Sakaja signs his first Appropriation Bill of Sh38 billion to law

November 14th, 2022 2 min read

Nairobi County Governor Johnson Sakaja on Monday signed into law the Sh38.3 billion 2022/2023 Appropriation Bill that will be crucial in his programmes.

In the signed bill, Sh26.98 billion has been set aside for recurrent expenditure, while Sh11.35 billion is for development expenditures.

During the event at his office, the governor thanked the Members of the County Assembly for passing the budget expeditiously within the timeline of the law.

“The people of Nairobi have a lot of hopes in this administration in both the Executive and the Assembly and they expressed that hope through the ballot and they expect us to give them a city of order, dignity, opportunities and the tool that we have is this Appropriation Bill that we have signed,” Sakaja said.

The Governor who was joined by his deputy Mr Njoroge Muchiri, county Assembly Speaker Kennedy Ng’ondi and the Majority leadership asked the MCAs to continue with their oversight role to ensure that the funds that have been allocated to different sectors are used well for the intended purpose.

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“I urge the Assembly to continue with the oversight role to make sure that this fund that we have signed today in this Appropriation Bill projects are done for the benefit of the people of Nairobi and make sure we have people focused programs and people focused initiative that will drive Nairobi forward,” he said.

He reiterated that in his administration, there must be accountability of every shilling spent, and that no official will be protected by the county for misappropriating the funds.

“There must be accountability for each and every single shilling belonging to the people of Nairobi. No one will be protected, no one will be shielded in case they are found to have abused these resources from our people.”

He also made a commitment that his government will priorities the people of Nairobi, and that he has also ready started an internal audit team to look into the pending bills amounting to billions that was inherited from the previous administration.

In the bill passed, the Assembly slashed Sh400 million from the Insurance kitty to fund the school feeding programme, which the governor has prioritized in his agenda.

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Also, the Sh26.98 billion has been set for the recurrent expenditure, and Sh11.35 billion for development expenditures, and Sh100 million has been increased to the Disaster Response and Recovery, which will be used to take care of emergency response.

At the same time, the Assembly Sh300 million has been increased for pending legal obligations, whereby Sh100 million goes to the Legal Department as Sh200 million is diverted under the Finance and Economic Planning Sector.

All the 85 wards will now receive Sh6 million, an increase from the initial Sh3.5 million in school bursaries for needy students.

The governor also said that he is will ensure that the streets in Nairobi estates are well lit to reduce insecurity, which have been on the rise.

He called on the youths to desist from the criminal activities, saying that the county will now come up with the mechanism to handle such cases even as they team up with the National Police Service to boost security.

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