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Sakaja urged to reign in on rogue Bunge la Mwananchi leaders

The Flash Out Civil Society Group has urged Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja to rein in on one Francis Owino, who has been referring to himself as the Bunge La Mwananchi president, for reportedly being an imposter.

While acknowledging that the Kenyan law approves freedom of association and speech, the group has further asked the county boss to toughen his stance against the group that has been operating at the heart of Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD).

In a forum at the Jeevanji Gardens, the group alleges that Bunge La Mwananchi not only harbours criminals around the busy area but has also escalated its activities to the point of issuing threats against top County of Nairobi government officials.

The Flash Out Civil Society group implored the Sakaja administration led by the County Chief Officer for Enforcement to demonstrate firmness and promptly deploy County Askari to restore law and order at the Jeevanji Gardens, a park renowned as a relaxing joint for Nairobi residents.

The group emphasizes the urgency of addressing the criminality associated with the movement, asserting that such actions should not be ignored.

This follows numerous complaints from concerned residents who frequent Jeevanji Gardens on the alleged toxic, negative, and emotionally charged debates orchestrated by Owino and one Maurice Masiga.

The lobby group has urged for swift intervention to safeguard public spaces from what it described as ‘criminal activities and disruptive behavior’.

“We acknowledge the importance of freedom of speech. But then we also realise that everything has a caveat. Our freedoms must be exercised without infringing on the rights of others. That is why we are calling on the County government to act and protect Nairobi residents from this group of people,” a statement by Flash Out reads in part.

Owino, who has been a vocal critic of President William Ruto’s administration, is accused of issuing threats to the Nairobi City County Government in an attempt to revive the banned and illegal Bunge La Mwananchi movement within the CBD.

The Flash Out Civil Society group specifically points to Owino’s involvement in a case in which he is accused of blackmailing bosses at a top union of civil servants.

The group says cases filed by Owino in the Human Rights Court Division Registrar are never concluded and are used as tools to scam victims, particularly in cases related to the High Court’s Human Rights Division.

The group emphasizes the need to fight corruption within the judiciary, highlighting concerns about a well-orchestrated network at the Human Rights Court Division Registrar.