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Sakaja wins praise for standing with Babu Owino

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja has won accolades for securing the release of Embakasi East Babu Owino who was detained at the Parklands police station for two days.

Babbu was arrested on Friday by Flying Squad officers outside Parliament buildings for allegedly assaulting a parking attendant in Westlands on January 11.

Sakaja and Babu, from opposite political parties, put their differences aside as the Senator harshly criticized the police for ‘targeting’ Babu.

“Whoever is trying to use the criminal justice system to score whichever goals, should stop. And if you are in the police force and you think by doing this you are helping Jubilee, you are not,” Sakaja said while flanked by Owino.


“Babu pole sana together with your bodyguard. As soon as I got the information from one of your people I was able to dash over here,” he told Owino.

Here is how netizens responded to Sakaja’s gracious gesture.

@DonaldBKipkorir tweeted; “Once again, Senator Johnson Sakaja proves that he is mature leader in securing the release of Hon. Babu Owino from Parklands Police Station. Sakaja knows that once Elections are over, those elected represent all. His future place in the High Table Of a mature Kenya is assured.”

@GeorgeMorigori said; “Hon .Sakaja is good but at the wrong end.”

@Johnvique wrote; “This is exactly the true definition of wise leadership.”

@MuthuiMkenya commented; “Moses Kuria is not happy following , Johanson Sakaja’s move to rescue Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino “I look forward to the day my friend Sen Johnson Sakaja will come to visit me in cell. Do not even secure my release. Just bring me a bowl of porridge.” Wrote Kuria.”

@NelsonHavi said; “I see a sober leader in Senator Johnson Sakaja; a future President of the Republic of Kenya. Thank you so much @SakajaJohnson for coming to the rescue of Honorable Babu Owino.”

@NicksonOdhiam11 wrote; “Sakaja is the only sober leader in our country.”

@Kalisau12 tweeted; “Mature leadership Sir. Also go ahead and rescue our women at KNH, the insecurity in Nairobi streets and garbage in the city. Engage the concerned institutions to act faster.”


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