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Sakaja’s assurance to families of missing flood victims

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has assured residents of Nairobi that his administration is still working to recover the missing bodies of the victims of floods.

The assurance comes 12 days after a heavy downpour hit the county, leading to the death of a dozen people, and displacing thousands of others.

“All efforts have been made to find the missing bodies, including that of David Chesire, the officer who was swept away at the Country Bus station,” said the county boss.

As the weatherman predicts heavy rains in its seven-day weather forecast, Nairobi residents continue to call for help to give decent send-off to their loves ones who were swept by floods.

The county has stated that they will not rest until the bodies of the missing people are recovered.

When asked if the county disaster and management team is well prepared and if they have professional swimmers, the governor did not respond.

The family in Dandora Phase 5 are yet to come to terms with the fact that their grade 6 daughter was swept by water while crossing the makeshift bridge to school.

This also comes as residents demand s for construction of a permanent bridge to allow school going children to cross over to the other side with ease.

Some of the companies in Industrial Area are still struggling to resume to their normal operations following the destruction that was caused by the floods.

More than twenty companies including Maxmile Tyres, and Printwell Industries Limited and Panaf Logistics Limited were forced to close for days to repair machines which were affected by the floods.

Sharmila D’cunha, managing director of Printwell Industries Limited and Panaf Logistics Limited, says they have been facing this disaster for the past 20 years.

She attributes the problem to the encroachment of the Nairobi River, which has blocked some of the drains.

“We have tried to reach out to the authorities but they have fallen on deaf ears. The river has been encroached upon and nobody really cares about it,” complained Sharmila.

According to Sharmila, the damage they have witnessed has left them helpless after some of the insurance companies refused to take up the matter.

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