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Sakaja’s message to new members of the hospital boards

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja on May 18, 2023, inaugurated new board members for hospitals in the County and told them what he expects of them.

The Governor urged the new board members to put the interests of Nairobi residents seeking health services first, saying his administration will not tolerate cases of negligence.

He said that before appointing the new board members, he took time to ensure that he got professionals who would put the interests of patients first.

“They were not chosen by accident. It was very deliberate. We have people from all walks of life, from different professions, from different religions, from all the tribes in Nairobi,” said the governor.

The board members of Mbagathi Hospital, Pumwani Hospital, Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital, Mutuini Hospital and Nairobi Funeral Home have been assured of the county government’s full support.

At the same time, the governor urged board members to be creative and come up with ideas that will be implemented to improve areas that need change.

“I want every committee you work for to be creative. Think about what can be done differently. Let us be innovative.”

The governor also reiterated the need to restore dignity to all district hospitals by making them look good and attractive to residents.

In the same vein, the governor said the gazette notice to rename City Mortuary to Nairobi Funeral Home and Mutuini Hospital to Mama Rachel Ruto Hospital has been finalised and will be published soon.

The Governor said the changes being made at Nairobi Funeral Home are to give dignity to the deceased by ensuring that there are enough body coolers, chaplains and mortuary attendants.

Among the changes he also noted was making the funeral parlour look attractive by getting rid of coffin manufacturers who were located outside the mortuary.

He defended health workers and nurses from some members of the public who claimed that nurses are rude, saying that some working conditions is what makes them tired.

“Some people would say our nurses are rude. They are not rude, they are overworked and they need support.”

Nairobi County Health Chief Executive Committee Member Dr Anastasia Nyalita said the new board members will be given a copy of guidelines and expectations from the governor in health sector.

Members of County Assembly including Minority Leader Anthony Kiragu who attended the function advised the board members to be effective and desist from taking part in any plan to lower the dignity of hospitals.

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