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Sakaja’s savage response to Joho’s TikTok challenge

By Winnie Onyando February 12th, 2023 2 min read

Former Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho has offered free whistling classes to Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja.

In a lighthearted video, Joho jokingly suggested that Sakaja still needs improvement in his whistling skills.

This offer came after TikToker Priscilla wa Imani went viral with a video requesting a meeting with the Nairobi Governor.

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In the viral video, Priscilla wa Imani, also known as the “whistling lady,” expressed her interest in meeting the city boss while whistling loudly.

The video caught the attention of Governor Sakaja, who responded with his own video, inviting her to City Hall. The exchange between the two has sparked a new “whistling challenge” among Kenyans.

Priscilla wa Imani gained fame for her videos of whistling loudly at various locations and has previously tried her hand in gospel music. She had several hits, such as “Omba,” “Kola Byona Byokola,” “Moyo Wangu,” “Kwanini,” and “Kibali.” However, she found the music industry to be tough and challenging and eventually relegated it to a side hustle.

With the arrival of TikTok, she saw it as an answered prayer for her career. In an interview, she explained how she tried hard but in vain to get her music played on the radio. She said, “I never hawked my music because it is a very demanding enterprise… But all of a sudden, in comes TikTok, and it is now a case of an answered prayer.”

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Her video and the exchange with Governor Sakaja have stirred reactions among Kenyans, with people now trying to do the new whistling challenge.

The “whistling lady” has become a popular figure on social media, and her videos continue to attract millions of views.

Joho’s offer to give whistling classes to Governor Sakaja was met with a savage response.

“I have seen your video Joho. I hear you have been in these TikTok streets since 2010, and and you have 340 followers. I came last week man, and I have surpassed you.”

He added, still addressing Joho, “And you, just like Priscilla come to City Hall on Monday or Tuesday, and I give you lessons.”

Laughing, Sakaja added, “Move over.”

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