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Salty? Samidoh fans celebrate Edday Nderitu’s birthday despite snub

Mugithi maestro Samuel Muchoki aka Samidoh’s fans have celebrated his wife Edday Nderitu’s birthday on his posts after he publicly snubbed her birthday.

Edday, who celebrated her birthday on Monday 22nd, did not receive a public wish from her husband and her fans were not happy with the snub.

In revenge, Edday’s fans were quick to wish her a happy birthday on Samidoh’s post, where he posted a photo of salt spilled on food, while some called him out for snubbing his wife’s birthday.

He compared the salt spill to Lot’s wife in the Bible who turned into a pillar of salt after disobeying God’s command and looking back to see the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah as she and her family fled.

“Aki bibi ya Lot ameamua tu kuniharibia siku (Lot’s wife has decided to spoil my day),” he wrote.

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In response, some claimed he was ‘suffering’ for not wishing Edday a happy birthday on her day. Here are some of the comments;

“Coz you didn’t send Edday birthday wishes,” said Shiro wa Beata.

“Happy birthday beautiful Edday, you are blessed mama, beautiful kids aaaw especially Nimo I love her eyes. Age gracefully #nothingbutprayers,” wrote Misha Pinky.

“Happy birthday Edday. We as freemode ngaes, we love you,” said Ricious.

“Sisi tuko birthday ya wife na wewe uko kwa bibi ya Lot?” asked Lucy Nduuru.

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“Happy birthday to your little girl Edday Nderitu,” wrote Esther Kibui.

“Happy birthday to you Edday,” said Njeri Mamake Stellah.

“Happy birthday Edday. We love you but Samidoh loves you more,” said Wambui wa Kahugu-ini.

“Do you know that today is your wife’s birthday?” asked Jossy Jossy.

“You are reminded that you have a wife and that is Edday, the birthday girl,” wrote Charity Anastasia Wambugu.

While Edday and Samidoh have had a rather frosty relationship thanks to his affair with Senator-designate Karen Nyamu, Edday is currently in the US with their children.

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