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Sam West: I don’t care if Vivian is a single mum, I will wed her

Comedian Sam West has no problem wedding singer Vivian fiancée despite having a child from a previous relationship.

West says being in a relationship with a single mum is advantageous because she is mature and ready to settle.

The curvaceous singer, who is set to wed Sam in few months time, was thought to not have any child until recently when she shared a picture of her all grown daughter.

There has been speculations from some quarters that Vivian was ‘hiding a child’. That explains why she decided to post a picture of her daughter on Mother’s day.

“…I posted the picture because I was tired of speculations from people and I decided to demystify the speculations.” she explained at the time.

Comedian Sam West. PHOTO | COURTESY
Comedian Sam West. PHOTO | COURTESY

But even after setting the record straight, fans have been questioning whether Sam West knew about the daughter and if he is comfortable walking down the aisle with a single mum.

This is how he responded:  “When someone comes from another relationship, that is her past because it is the same case with me. We have to live in the present. I love her and I don’t have any problems with her kid. It’s also good to understand that its always an advantage when dating someone who has been taking care of her own household. Someone who has been taking care of a child my friend is more mature than one who doesn’t.”

The two love birds have been dating for years and held a Kikuyu traditional ceremony for payment of dowry, setting the stage ready for a white wedding.