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Samantha Bridal’s Catherine Masitsa: Why I prefer the bald head look

Samantha’s Bridal’s MD Dr Catherine Masitsa has spoken about why she prefers a signature bald-head look. Masitsa was unveiled as the sixth housewife of the reality TV show The Real Housewives of Nairobi, which airs on Showmax every Thursday.

Dr Masitsa said she loves short hair because it is a sign of wealth in her culture.

“Hair should not define anyone. I think I like her. With or without her hair. For me in terms of my short hair, my short hair story was that I suffer from alopecia. A scientific term that talks about losing hair. But in my culture, we say women who suffer from the condition are very rich,” she said.

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The no-nonsense Masitsa made the remarks while defending Minne Kariuki who seemed to be a target of trolls by the rest of The Real Housewives of Nairobi cast members. This was after Lisa Christoffersen, said she does not like Minne since she found her fake in so many ways.

Lisa also said Minne wore fake wigs during her party where she was celebrating 10 years of being in the acting industry and that was an off thing for a classy woman.

Lisa said that she had always told Minne that she was fake.

“I mean, she is always wearing to me, fake wigs,” Lisa said but Masitsa objected, saying no woman should be defined by her hair.

“From where I seat, whether she was acting or not, I don’t care. Everyone doesn’t seem to understand Minne on the day of her event, then they missed the whole point,” Masitsa said.

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Lisa said boldness was the reason, Catherine spoke about herself.

“She is comfortable speaking about herself with so much love,” Lisa said.

Dr Masitsa is a veterinary doctor, real estate investor and publisher.

She is also the founder and managing director of Samantha’s Bridal, East Africa’s leading wedding media company that has ventured into TV shows, luxury bridal events and wedding planning.

Recently, she also launched a wine brand, Samantha Wines, and will soon launch her champagne brand. She is married to a neurologist, Dr Andras Rosza, and together they have a 12-year-old daughter.

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