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Samantha’s Bridal owner joins the Real Housewives of Nairobi reality show

A sixth housewife has been added to the Real Housewives of Nairobi (RHON) reality show that premiered in February 2023.

45-year-old Dr Catherine Masitsa, a no-nonsense ‘Queen Mother’ will be joining socialite and entrepreneur Vera Sidika, actress Minnie Kariuki, entrepreneur Susan Kaittany, luxury influencer Sonal Mherali, and interior designer-cum-rally driver Lisa Christoffersen. Dr Masitsa is expected to debut when the fifth episode of the reality show airs this week.

Showmax revealed that Dr. Catherine Masitsa is a veterinary doctor, real estate investor, and publisher as well as the founder and managing director of Samantha’s Bridal, East Africa’s leading wedding media company that has ventured into TV shows, luxury bridal events, and wedding planning. Recently, Dr. Catherine also launched a wine brand, Samantha Wines, and is just about to launch her champagne brand.

She is the wife of neurologist Dr. Andras Rosza, and together they have one daughter.

“I’m very excited to be part of this show because I’m not very big on social media, and I think that through The Real Housewives of Nairobi, my fans will get to see the real me living my fabulous life. This is how I live and I’m just showcasing it. Yes, of course you’ve got to put your best foot forward but it’s my life. It’s reality. You know you can only pretend for so long,” said Dr Masitsa.

She went on to say that it had been eye opening interacting with the original cast of the RHON where she intimately investigated her assumptions about each housewife and got to know them better in terms of their frailties, fears, triumphs and personalities.

“You get to see that they’re solid people. Everybody is so real and living their lives. What the viewers are going to love about me is that I am real and I don’t know how to pretend. I’m formidable. I’m a wall; you can’t get through to me. And I’m a thoroughbred. I put on my blinders and don’t get distracted with whatever else is going on. I’m just climbing one mountain – mine – which is the one with the money at the top,” added Dr Masitsa.

Dr Masitsa revealed that her family had been supportive of her joining the reality television show; and that her daughter was very excited to appear on it as well.

“Being on The Real Housewives of Nairobi, one of the things I like is the fact that the 45+ year-old woman that’s me is represented. The thing about this market is that almost everybody caters for the 35-year-old women and below. Just look at the media, and all the advertising, you’ll hardly see women who are above 45 years represented. I can understand that, since the Kenyan demographic is quite young, they’d focus on 35 and below. But I want to say that the 45+ year-old woman has come of age.

We are the people running this town: we own companies, we’re chairing boards, we’re the people really running the real estate market, we’re the people who walk into those homes and buy them, in cash. We’re also the people behind the companies ringing the bell at the Nairobi Stock Exchange. For me it makes sense that we would have that kind of a woman represented on a show like this because we want our girls to see that you can live a fabulous life, you can be fashionable, you can chair boards and become a CEO, and do these things all at once. The 45+-year-old woman is worth her value, and in solid gold, and I hope I bring this out on The Real Housewives of Nairobi,” concluded Dr Masitsa.

She further described the Nairobi chapter of the Real Housewives franchise as one that captures the essence of the city and that if anyone had money while living in Nairobi, they would never desire to go anywhere else.

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