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Samia Suluhu on the spot for ‘supporting’ side chicks

Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu Hassan has stirred a discussion on social media after suggesting secretaries should remain silent when their bosses bring their side chicks to the office.

A side chick is the unofficial name used to refer a girlfriend of a married man.

President Suluhu spoke recently during a meeting with Secretaries in Dodoma.

She stressed that what happens at the work place should be respected and kept private.

Said Suluhu: “Integrity includes keeping secrets from your workplace. These include secrets of your boss. (What happens) If your boss brings a king’asti (side chick) to work and you start looking at her with a demeaning eye.”

The remarks have been received with criticism from a section of Tanzanians on social media, with some suggesting she is advocating for men to cheat.

Brendah Maxwell said, “If she is wise she should open her mouth less. Everytime she tries to be funny she ends up saying something weird, kuingiza king’asti ndio uadilifu SMH.”

Thabit Jacob added, “Wale selective pseudo whatever won’t say anything about King’asti remarks. Jokes or not, it has huge implications on women’s workplace’s environment & safety and more.”

Happiness Peter wrote, “Absolutely appalling, this was wrong and it should be called out. It’s not even funny, it’s absolutely concerning. You watch, they will come and defend her based on religion and tradition.”

In 2021, President Suluhu was criticized for her remarks on female footballers having “flat chests” and being unattractive for marriage.

“If we bring them here and line them up, for those with flat chests, you might think they are men – not women and for the way they are, a life of marriage… is just a dream”, she said of the women’s football team.

Suluhu, 62, who assumed the presidency following the demise of John Pombe Magufuli in 2021, is said to be wife number two of Hafidh Ameir. She’s been married since 1978.