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Samidoh and Karen Nyamu advise Diana Marua on handling hubby’s video vixens

Mugiithi artiste, Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh and his second wife, nominated senator Karen Nyamu, are among the celebrities featured in the Bahati’s reality show, The Bahati Empire, now streaming on Netflix.

In one of the episodes, Diana Marua expresses her frustration over her husband Bahati’s interactions with his video vixens, specifically mentioning how he touches their behinds.

While talking to Samidoh and Karen, Diana describes an incident where she caught Bahati’s female dancers twerking suggestively on him, an act she found disrespectful.

“I found Bahati in the middle of women with humongous behinds, and he is holding them as they twerk for him. The issue is not even the size of their ‘assets’ but the disrespect I saw. I was like, how did it get this far even if it is work?”

In the episode, Karen Nyamu interrupts Diana, advising her to calm down since Bahati is working to provide for the family.

“Your problem is women twerking for your husband yet he is working? Maybe he is not their type, and you are here complaining.

The vixens are there to be paid and maybe they are not interested in Bahati. That is a very small issue.”

Karen then warns Diana against calling her for minor issues.

“Don’t call me again for such things. Call me when Bahati has done something serious. I thought there was another girl involved so I could teach you how to manage having a co-wife.”

Diana responds firmly, stating she will never share her husband.

“Having a co-wife is not my portion. I don’t understand how I should allow that, saying it was his line of duty.”

The candid exchanges in The Bahati Empire offer a raw look at the dynamics of celebrity relationships and the unique challenges they face.

Other popular celebrities featured in the reality show include: Rev. Lucy Natasha, The Muraya’s, Jackie Matubia, MP Jalang’o among others.