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Samidoh blasts Alai for alleging he was bribed to protect DJ Fatxo

Mugiithi singer Samidoh has criticised politician Robert Alai for spreading false allegations that he was bribed to protect DJ Fatxo in the case surrounding the untimely death of Jeff Mwathi.

On Monday, 22 May, DJ Fatxo shed light on the events surrounding that tragic day, revealing the involvement of fellow artist and police officer Samuel Muchoki Ndirangu, popularly known as Samidoh.

Jeff Mwathi was Samidoh’s nephew, and Samidoh had been actively involved in the case.

Fatxo revealed that shortly after Jeff’s death, Samidoh visited his home accompanied by detectives.

Samidoh played a crucial role in uncovering the mysterious circumstances of Jeff’s death.

One of the more perplexing aspects of the case was the story surrounding the window through which Jeff allegedly jumped.

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Fatxo said the authorities asked Samidoh to try to fit through the window because of his slender frame.

To the surprise of many, Samidoh successfully squeezed through the narrow opening.

In response to the unfolding situation, Robert Alai said on his Facebook page that Samidoh had been “bribed” to save DJ Fatxo.

Samidoh vehemently denied the allegations and launched a scathing response against Alai.

He expressed his disbelief at the unsubstantiated allegations and accused Alai of seeking notoriety by spreading falsehoods.

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Samidoh’s exact words were, “Wee *** kazi yako nikutafuta tu relevance na vitu hujui!” which translates to “You *** your job is to seek relevance with things you know little about!”

During the radio interview, Fatxo also mentioned why he missed Mwathi’s funeral.

He said his mother had contacted singer Samidoh and asked him to intervene and facilitate Fatxo’s presence at the funeral, but the family seemed not receptive.

“My mother tried to call the family through Samidoh (Jeff’s uncle) but the family seemed to be blocking me.”

When asked if he had spoken to Jeff’s mother directly, Fatxo admitted that he had no access to her.