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Samidoh event interrupted by ‘Nyamu’ chants

Mugithi singer Samidoh was recently forced to temporarily halt a live performance after a woman in the crowd reportedly began shouting his baby mama’s name.

The popular Samidoh, born Samuel Muchoki, has sired a kid out of wedlock with Karen Nyamu, a city politician cum lawyer.

And the singer’s association with Nyamu, which he’s in the past referred to as a mistake, came back to haunt him as a woman, who was thought to be intoxicated, shouted her baby mama’s name.

“Where is Karen? Is she breastfeeding? I hear she is expecting another child,” the woman is reported by Swala Nyeti as having said.

This was Samidoh’s first performance since releasing the Muthoniwa hit.

The incident comes days after Nyamu accused him of battering her and vandalizing his phone.

She also promised to ‘teach him a lesson’.

Samidoh is yet to publicly comment on Nyamu’s allegations, including a separate claim that she is expecting his second baby.