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Samidoh shares love letter to ‘crush’ Shiru wa GP

Mugithi sensation Samidoh reminisced about his sixth-grade crush on his schoolmate, Shiru Wa GP, in an entertaining story he shared on Instagram earlier this week.

He painted a picture of their school days, fondly describing their teacher, Mrs Anne Muratha – Shiru’s mother – as a no-nonsense disciplinarian.

Samidoh recounted, “There was this girl, Shiru Wa GP, whose mother was Mrs. Anne Muratha. Shiru Wa GP was in class 6B while I was in 6L. Mrs. Waithaga was our English teacher, and she was no-nonsense. She would wear that strict-looking blouse, and one day she was particularly stern. So, I wrote a letter to Shiru.”

Adding, “I used to get lines from country songs by Don Williams, Kenny Rodgers, Alison Krauss, and many others. In the evening after school, I gave her the letter.”

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However, the young singer’s romantic gesture backfired when Shiru, unimpressed by his efforts, reported the letter to her mother.

Mrs Muratha sprang into action, immediately informing Samidoh’s father of his son’s display of affection.

He narrated, “After reading, Shiru left the letter in the middle of her English book, I don’t know if she had seen new words or what? The next day, during the second period, I saw Karangu Muraya come into our class and tell the maths teacher I was being called to the staff room. When I went to the staff room, I found Wasammy sitting in Mr Waigwa’s chair, drinking tea.”

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But Samidoh was met with a surprising twist instead of the expected reprimand. After marking his love letter, Mrs Wamuratha gave him an impressive 39 out of 40, praising his composition skills.

“Mrs Wamuratha told me to return to class and bring my composition book. I went and brought it. After giving it to her, she began to show Wasammy how well I had written compositions. She took out the letter I had written to Shiru, her daughter. To my surprise, she had marked it, giving me a grade of 39/40.”

Sensing potential trouble, Samidoh made a hasty escape, jumping out of a staff room window and taking refuge elsewhere in the school compound.

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