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Samidoh sparks romance rumours with another woman

Kikuyu Benga artiste Samidoh has sparked some romance rumors among netizens after a video of him and another woman getting cozy with each other surfaced.

In a TikTok video making rounds on the internet, Samidoh is seen singing along to a song with a woman identified as Nyoks Malisafi in which fans cannot help but speculate some sort of closeness between the two. 

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The singer has not made any comment on the video but going through the comments section, many of the singer’s fans say they are not surprised with his move as they are all aware that he is a ladies’ man. 

While many laud him for the video, others share their opinions on the matter, saying they pity his wife, Edday as she has to deal with quite a lot. Some went on to joke that for one to be the wife to the musician, blood pressure medication is highly recommended. 

Samidoh cheated on his first wife Edday, with Nyamu in 2020 and apologized publicly in March 2021, but a few months later, he welcomed another child with the vocal politician. 

Rumour has it that the Mugithi singer and his baby mama are still seeing each other despite dumping him publicly a month ago. 

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Nyamu and Edday have never seen eye to eye, and for the longest time, Edday has excluded herself from any drama that her husband’s baby mama may try to reel her in. 

Just a few weeks ago, Edday and Nyamu got into a near physical altercation at Samidoh’s Mugithi concert in Dubai. The altercation happened when Nyamu went to a table where Samidoh had sat with his wife and forcefully sat on his lap.

Edday attempted to free him from Nyamu, but the nominated senator adamantly refused. This caused a commotion as the two women fought for Samidoh’s attention. 

A few hours later, Nyamu shared a video giving her side of the story saying that she wasn’t sorry for what had happened but made a decision to leave the benga artiste for good. 

Nyamu and Samidoh have two children together. 

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