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Samidoh: The man mothers warned their daughters about

As young girls grew up into teenagers and eventually became youths, their mothers would once in a while be heard warning them against keeping company of certain friends or acquaintances. These would be those friends who enjoyed wearing miniskirts, guys who smelled like bad hangovers or those friends who were always hanging out with the opposite gender in questionable corners.

While younger, we often complained that our mothers were being mean and discriminative. We wondered if they were jealous of these friends and why they thought they were better than others.

And so, we resorted to hanging out in secret with these ‘red flag’ friends. Little did we know! Because, dear reader, you will attest to knowing that girl who did not abstain after being seduced by that hot shadowy guy and ended up pregnant at 15. You might have also seen a friend being secreted away to a rehab for alcohol addiction or you might have heard of another friend locked up for petty theft and so forth.

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Then you asked yourself, ‘how did mum know that these people were like this/would turn out to be like this?’

Now you’re grown up and reflect on your mother’s warnings, thanking God that you dodged a bullet with that guy who didn’t smell right to your mum… and vernacular singer Samidoh is probably one of those guys many young women were warned off by dear, old mother.

You ask why?

Because older Samidoh is now the guy who will cheat on you and have no chills about it…

Born Samuel Muchoki, Samidoh publicly flaunts his on-off again mistress, nominated Senator Karen Nyamu, and has no chills about being unfaithful to his wife of 15 years, Edday Nderitu.

He had no chills posting videos of the two of them being overly affectionate with each other on social media, had no chills in going on siring two children with Nyamu in a span of 16 months and brag about them on social media; he also had no chills enjoying the soft life with her – all while Edday and her children watched.

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He remained unfazed as Edday read him the riot act that she would not be part of a polygamous marriage, much less with a woman she branded as immoral and much older than her. In fact, he continued making appearances with Nyamu, going as far as introducing her in large public gatherings.

This is a guy who can’t control the drama he causes and has no qualms with those affected by his behaviors becoming emotionally damaged.

We wonder how many times Edday could have been warned off of Samidoh despite of his ‘star’ shining?

Because Samidoh is the type to do anything he wants as long as he is providing for his family…

This has got to be the number one red flag mothers noticed whenever they saw their daughters hanging out with potential partners.

In her reaction to Samidoh and Nyamu reuniting at a funeral, Edday revealed that she had helped Samidoh become the man and star he is today. She invested her life, energy and love in him and the returns were public shade in the name of defending his affair and step siblings for her own children.

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In this scenario, because Samidoh makes tons of money for his family, he probably feels he can do anything he wants because he has financially given his family what they want and need. This is a dangerous relationship dynamic to have because it means a financial dependent cannot question the provider for fear of being cut off.

If this goes on, an affair will probably be the beginning of the woes for this Samidoh-Edday relationship.

Because he will stress the life out of you as he enjoys his life…

Is he a Sociopath?

Lately, Samidoh has been spending more time with Karen since they reunited. Hopes were high that the affair had come to its expected end following the Dubai drama but it would appear the two have other plans in mind.

While Edday has been stressing out over the public humiliation, sympathy and scorn for having a husband like Samidoh and staying by his side, his social media postings and public speech tell of a man who is enjoying his life and the attention like nothing tragic is happening in his home. The traumas he causes do not faze him!

This is a mother’s worst nightmare for her daughter. Being with a man who lacks respect, empathy and loyalty to unconditionally love her daughter and forsake all others.

If you are a mother, would you warn your daughters off of men who show signs and symptoms of being a Samidoh?

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