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Samidoh’s American music promoter Sue Gacambi attacks Andrew Kibe in offensive rant

By Winnie Mabel November 22nd, 2022 2 min read

Kenyan transplant to the United States of America, music promoter Sue Gacambi, went on a seven-minute offensive rant in attacking controversial blogger Andrew Kibe after he attacked vernacular singer Samidoh, born Samuel Muchoki.

Nairobi News reported that Kibe had attacked Samidoh for constantly being surrounded by women and enjoying them instead of focusing on his music. Kibe also included videos of Samidoh dancing with several women while on the American leg of his Mugithi Tour, and one of the women was Sue Gacambi.

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In addition, Kibe also called out Samidoh for allowing his wife, mistress and other women to fight over him instead of him deciding who should fight for him and which woman he prefers.

Samidoh clapped back at Andrew Kibe, saying there was no way he would abandon his work to go and visit with Kibe and go for a helicopter ride as long as he still lived in his sugar mama’s house.

“I am a Kikuyu man! I thought we agreed that I will come to your house, not your cougar’s house. How would we have drunk and celebrated? Or should I run to Lang’ata to your baby mama whom you left thanking God too?” Samidoh clapped back in part.

Hours after Samidoh’s clap back, Gacambi also hopped onto social media in a long rant littered with offensive insults that we do not wish to quote. First, she defended herself, saying that spending time and dancing with Samidoh in the videos the singer uploaded on his social media platforms was for promotional purposes and nothing else.

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Gacambi accused Kibe of being jealous of Samidoh after the vernacular singer turned down his invitation to visit and spend some time with him and go on a helicopter ride tour of Austin where he currently lives.

Gacambi demanded to know why Kibe was particularly persistent on having a man come to visit him, lying that he lived close by to where Samidoh was currently saying when the distance was three hours apart.

She also claimed that unlike Kenyan influencers The Wajesus Family, Terrence Creative and his wife, and comedian turned politician Jalangoo, she would not take Andrew Kibe’s accusations and insults lying down but would track him down- because it is easier to do so in America- and read him the riot act.

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She also defended Samidoh for having a mistress outside his marriage with Edday Nderitu, adding that he and nominated Senator Karen Nyamu will never break up because they have children.

As she wrapped up her tirade, she told Andrew Kibe that neither cockroaches nor members of the queer community would ever fight over him; and because he recently permanently relocated to America, he should first brush off the Kenyan dust he’d brought with him before he could go around attacking people on American soil.

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