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Samidoh’s brother reveals grandfather’s polygamy ‘decree’

Amos Junior, the younger brother of popular Mugiithi singer Samidoh, has disclosed that their grandfather advocated for polygamous marriage within their family.

Amos made this revelation in a recent video on Facebook, shedding light on their family’s unique marital tradition.

According to Amos, their grandfather, who had experienced difficulties with his sole wife, left behind a message encouraging all men in the family not to marry just one wife.

“You should not marry one wife’ this is what my grand father said because of how his wife, my grandmother, disturbed him since she was his only wife,” he sang in the video.

Amos emphasized that their family’s polygamous practice was not their personal choice but rather a cultural inheritance.

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“It is not our wish,” he said in the video, indicating that the family’s adherence to polygamy was rooted in their grandfather’s teachings.

Amos’s revelation came to public attention after Samidoh introduced him on social media during his graduation ceremony.

Left: Samidoh with his younger brother Amos Junior. Right: Senator Karen Nyamu with Amos Junior. PHOTOS | COURTESY

Sharing photos of them together, Samidoh proudly acknowledged his younger brother’s academic achievement, humorously referencing Amos’s tendency to procrastinate while commending his success.

“Cheers to my little bro, who managed to graduate despite the countless hours spent perfecting his ‘procrastination game’! Your graduation is a proof that miracles do happen. Best wishes on your future adventures, you magnificent last-minute hero!”

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The close bond between Samidoh and his baby mama, senator Karen Nyamu, was also evident in the photos shared on social media.

Ms Nyamu attended Amos’s graduation party along with Samidoh and some of his relatives.

While congratulating Amos, the senator spoke about her strong connection with Samidoh, which extends beyond their shared parental responsibilities.

Samidoh’s wife, Edday Nderitu, is currently residing in the US with their three children even as Ms Nyamu continues to offer Samidoh companionship

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