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Samsung’s new TVs beautifully combine technology and aesthetics

Samsung Electronics Company Limited has announced the launch of its new Quantum dot, cadmium free Ultra High Definition SUHD TV line-up.

The new range of SUHD TVs combines the latest in cutting edge innovation and stunning aesthetics, to deliver a television that is not just a consumer electronics device, but an integral part of a home’s interior design.

They also come equipped with second generation Quantum dot technology offering customers more in terms of durability and extraordinary, lasting picture quality.

With the Quantum dot, the new SUHD TV expresses brighter pictures and purer colours.

“These are smaller than one ten-thousandth the diameter of a human hair and deliver the cleanest and most vivid colours yet,” said Jung Hyun Park, Vice President and Managing Director of Samsung Electronics East Africa Ltd.


He added that the material used for this cutting-edge display can reproduce the purest and most accurate colours as individual nanoparticles.

“Samsung has applied the ‘HDR 1000’ technology to this device, which can display content with extremely high picture quality, as it expresses HDR with a peak brightness of 1000 nit – the standard for premium content produced in Hollywood,” said Mr Park.

Samsung’s SUHD TV aims to deliver innovative bound-less design and with its 360-degree design, ensuring your television looks good from any angle and from any position you place in your home, which is available not only on our premium models, but also our entry-level TVs.

“Samsung’s SUHD TV is a beautiful piece of equipment that takes a quantum leap forward in TV display technology. It will provide you with a viewing experience like you’ve never experienced before,” Mr Park added.

The Samsung new SUHD TV is available in all leading electronic consumer outlets in the country.